eCheck Casinos

Electronic checks have become increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly with online casinos. Online gambling sites have begun to accept electronic payments in addition to credit cards and debit cards, giving players another reliable method for transacting money.

An eCheck is a form of payment that is similar to a paper check. You will need to put down your name, the bank account number and the amount you are trying to send as well as any other information the bank requires. Unlike most other types of payments, eChecks have been around for two decades; this means they are an established technology.

To help you get started with online casinos, we’ve provided a guide to eChecks below. If you have any questions about this method of depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos, please let us know.

ECheck Registration Process

As was already pointed out, eChecks have long been the better deal. They are cheaper, faster and more secure than their paper counterparts. Customers who have used paper checks would not have any problem transitioning to electronic transfers.

Casino operators have added electronic checks to their lineup of convenient banking methods in an effort to give players more options. You should keep in mind that eChecks can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. In this section, we’ll outline the process of setting up an account using an eCheck.

  1. Before depositing and withdrawing from interactive casinos via eCheck, casino players should be aware of how to set up a checking account. They must have opened one with a bank institution that supports this service.
  2. When you set up a checking account, please provide the following information: your full name and address, the nickname for your account and check routing number. You will be prompted to confirm this information. The routing number is always made up of nine digits and the account number varies between nine and twelve digits in length.
  3. Once the application is submitted, it might take several days for the banking institution to process and confirm the request. Once the set-up process is complete, you should be able to view your checking account as “Active.”

How eCheck Works?

ECheck Registration Process FAQ

What differentiates eChecks from credit card payments?

Processing eChecks differs from processing credit cards in that they use ACH (Automated Clearing House) rather than card networks to transmit funds. The primary distinction lies in the fact that processing fees are lower with eChecks because they utilize ACH, which can be more cost efficient than using card networks. Accepting eChecks entails no credit card interchange fees, and transaction costs can be as little as 10 cents.

How is an electronic check processed?

When a customer uses an eCheck, the process is quite simple. The business obtains the customer’s information, such as name and address, by phone or online. Once it receives this information, the merchant’s bank can communicate with the customer’s bank to receive the funds via ACH.

What security measures are in place to protect eCheck payments?

Most financial institutions and professionals believe eChecks are safe to use, because they include authentication, encryption, public key cryptography, digital signatures and certificate authorities issuing digital certificates.

What are the processing timeframes for eChecks?

An electronic check typically takes 3 to 5 business days to process. After you initiate an electronic check transaction, it is processed through the automated clearing house network.

How much does processing an eCheck cost?

If you use your credit card to make online purchases, expect to pay a flat fee of 1% or more. If your processor charges a flat fee, its range may be between 25 cents and $1.50 per transaction. Digital checks are a budget-friendly alternative to credit cards for many people because they don’t charge any processing fees.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like any other payment method, eChecks have their own advantages and disadvantages. To help you get the most from this service, we have listed below all of the major aspects that you should be aware of.

Anyone who has ever dealt with paper checks will know how this process works. In truth, it is exactly the same. eChecks are one of the easiest payment solutions to utilize from a practical point of view; there’s no registration and identity verification required. eChecks are a form of electronic cash that you can use to send money to others across the world and they don’t require any bank account setup or personal information from you beforehand.

Online casinos that accept eChecks have done so for a number of years. However, credit cards and eWallets remain the dominant payment methods. Because of this, if you want to deposit and withdraw money from multiple sites you will be limited to only a few choices.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to eChecks. They can be used by anyone, but you have to give up your anonymity when you use them. In order to get paid, you have to enter your name and bank account number into the form. Other payment services offer the same service but are less likely to expose your identity. Players who care about keeping their online identities secret may want to look into using another payment method.

Another factor that you have to take into account when you wish to use eChecks is their availability. Naturally, each bank picks and chooses what services to offer to its customers. As we have mentioned above, electronic checks are nothing new to the world of online banking and with the passage of time new, more convenient and technological superior ways to transact money have emerged and have come to replace the checking service. The truth of the matter is that checks are becoming an obsolete way to transact money. As a result, many banks have ceased offering and processing payments via way of check. European countries have started to abandon check payments going as far back as 1993 when Finnish banks abandoned the check for the more modern gyro system, which was entirely electronic even back then. In other European countries check use is declining in favor of bank-to-bank transfers. The United States is the only Western country that is still reliant on checks for every-day transfers. While this might sound excellent for US players, you have to take into account the state of online gambling in the country. Currently, the online casino industry is a shadow of what it once was due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. There are only a handful of online casinos that are allowed to operate in US jurisdiction and even those are limited to certain states. Overall, the use of checks is declining in popularity in favor of more modern methods. Some online casinos still support this payment solution though those are few and far between.

While eChecks sound great in theory, they are not all that popular. Some banks have chosen to abandon this technology and instead use newer ones. Players usually make a payment in-game via credit or debit card and online casinos have been slowly adding support for this method of payment.

Using eChecks for Gambling Purposes

To deposit and withdraw money at an online casino that supports eCheck, follow these steps: Go to the Cashier page and click on the eCheck option. Type in your bank name, routing number, account number and type of account.

After that, you will enter the amount that you wish to deposit or withdraw and confirm the transaction. Electronic checks are not as popular as other transaction methods so you might be hard pressed to find a website that still supports them. The most popular online casinos accept a large number of deposit and withdrawal services, which will most likely include eChecks as well.

Fees for Gambling Purposes

Generally speaking, eChecks are one of the cheapest deposit methods available. A typical eCheck payment will cost anywhere between $0.50 and $1.50. This is a relatively low cost when compared to other payment services, but still higher than those that have no cost at all. Still, the price you pay for each transaction is offset by the added security and simplicity with which it is carried out. At some casinos you might be charged a commission fee of a few percent of the total sum; however, this is not common nowadays.

Processing Times for Gambling Transactions

When you initiate a deposit via eCheck, the money will arrive quickly. You’ll start wagering it right away, so no waiting! The payment is made virtually, so there’s no need to wait for a check in the mail. As soon as you confirm the transaction, your money will appear in your casino account and you can begin playing your favorite games. Withdrawals are different: When you want to withdraw funds from your account, you have to wait until they’re processed by our payment processor and sent back to you.

When you request to cash in your winnings, the casino staff will first review your plays. This process might take 48 hours or more and is not instantaneous. However, once this process is complete, the casino will send you a check for the amount of your winnings. The check will typically clear within several days as a normal check would. This is not a fault of the casino; rather, it’s due to banking systems used by both parties involved in any transaction. If you were wondering: The casino does not receive deposits instantly either.

However, eChecks are useful because they allow you to play on credit while knowing that they will receive their payment. Additionally, they offer faster withdrawal times than other online payment services. Unfortunately, they also have slow processing times. If you are looking for a service that will process your funds quickly, try looking at other online payment solutions instead of eChecks.

Security at Online Casinos

With eChecks, you can pay with the highest level of security available. Using this method of payment allows your bank to process the transaction directly through their network, providing you with a secure payment option. Banks are known for their high levels of secure processing and are considered to be some of the most reliable financial institutions that you can use.

When you send an electronic check, the transaction passes through several security layers. The bank has excellent authentication systems that prevent unauthorized transactions and uses encryption technology to encode every piece of information sent via the Internet. Furthermore, since the eCheck service is provided by your bank and connected to your bank account, you can be assured that nothing will happen with your personal funds. In the event that someone does gain access to your money, the bank is obligated by law to compensate you for any losses incurred.

Online casinos also have their own security systems that are designed to keep sensitive information away from potential hackers. These security protocols include the Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, protocols, which encrypt all personal and banking information sent to the casino servers using 128- or 256-bit encryptions. This is state-of-the-art technology and has an excellent track record of keeping users’ sensitive information safe.

To keep your personal information safe, avoid sharing it with anyone online. That way, no one except you can access your bank accounts and use your funds.

You might be tempted to connect to a public router for free Wi-Fi, but these networks are often hacked and used by unauthorized people. If you must use a public network, use a VPN.

ECheck Alternatives

E-checks are a convenient alternative to paper checks, because they are more secure and less time-consuming. However, if interactive casinos have not implemented eChecks, players might want to investigate some of the viable alternatives for eChecks. Here are five convenient options:

Casino Games with eCheck

Online casino fans who prefer eChecks to receive their winnings and replenish their accounts can enjoy a wide assortment of games. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most popular games they can play including slots, live dealer games, blackjack and roulette.

Slots with eCheck

Slots are the most popular type of casino games because they offer a variety of options and choices. There are many different types of slots, including traditional three-reel versions, advanced five-reel games with various scatters and multipliers, and other types with different themes.

Wild Donuts

Wild Donuts is a colorful and exciting slot machine game with an RTP of 96.3%. Maximum winnings are as high as $10,000, but minimum bets start from $0.2. Candy lovers will certainly be fascinated with the deliciously alternating sweets coming in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Cascading symbols and free spins round add to the thrill and excitement of players. Other similarly themed slots that would appeal to fans of Wild Donuts include Yummy Wilds or Jammin Jars 2 , which are both based on the same theme but with different features.

Gold Hit: O’Reilly’s Riches

Ash Gaming’s O’Reilly’s Riches is the spiritual successor to the now-defunct Ash Gaming’s Irish Rovers slot. The game is based on the mythical Leprechaun character and features 5 reels, each with 4 to 8 rows. It also has an innovative reel set with 95.21% RTP and bet limits that range from $0.1 to $350 per spin. The developers say this game is suitable for all player types, both casual and experienced alike.

Dawn of Egypt

Dawn of Egypt is a phenomenal slot machine created by Play’n Go. It has an RTP of 96.23%, a minimum bet of $0.10, and maximums of $100 per spin. There are ten paylines altogether. This game explores the widely popular theme of ancient Egypt, which is represented by symbols like lotus flowers, ankh necklaces, snakes, and scorpions. Two characters from this culture–Ra and Bastet–come into play against a backdrop of beautifully rendered tombs. Other similar slots created by Play’n Go include Sisters of the Sun, Doom of Egypt, and Legacy of Egypt (to name just a few).

Live Dealer Games with eCheck

Casino players who enjoy live-dealer games have many options for playing. They can check out blackjack, baccarat, poker, or roulette from their smartphones, tablets and PCs. Live-dealer lotteries and bingo are also possible variants.

Blaze Live Roulette

Blaze Live Roulette by Authentic Gaming is a live version of the classic European game. It is streamed from an attractive studio with cameras alternating between the presenter and the wheel, as well as between players at the table. The game’s RTP stands at 97.30%, with minimum bets of $0.20 and maximums capped at $100. Blaze Live Roulette is typical European Roulette game and differs from other ones only with its entertaining presentation on TV or online streaming shows.

Blackjack Lobby

Evolution Gaming’s flagship live dealer game, Blackjack Lobby, is one of the finest examples of how to use a live dealer game to engage casino fans. Wagers range from $0.10 and $5,000. The rules are classic blackjack: players must beat the dealer without going over 21. Cards are dealt from 2 to 10 with Aces worth either 1 or 11 depending on their rank, Face cards worth 10 points each and all other cards face value.

PowerUp Roulette

PowerUp Roulette is a live dealer gameshow that involves playing roulette with a live dealer. The game can be played either as a single hand or in a series of consecutive hands (with the odds changing between rounds), and it offers players opportunities to win multipliers. There are five different levels of multipliers, ranging from 500x in the first round to 8,000x in the fifth round. PowerUp Roulette has an RTP of 96.2%.

Blackjack with eCheck

Blackjack’s popularity is largely due to the combination of elements of skill and luck. ECheck depositors also prefer the game because of its higher return-to-player (RTP). Strategies can further increase your chances of winning at blackjack.

GameVy – Blackjack

Blackjack by GameVy is a fresh and minimalistic interpretation of the classic table game Blackjack. It follows the rules of American Blackjack, but with a simplified design and no side bets. In addition to offering a risk/reward ratio that is better than most other blackjack games, players are able to choose how many hands they want to play against the dealer.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Felt Gaming’s Perfect Pairs Blackjack is the industry leader in side bets, with a perfect game that offers players a chance to earn up to four times their initial bet. The base game features an RTP of 99.63%, whereas the Side Bet game has an RTP of 93.89%. The cross-compatible mobile app delivers players with an excellent gaming experience, enabling them to enjoy this variation at any of its many participating casinos across the globe.

Multihand Blackjack

Play’n Go is a game that allows players to play blackjack in a sophisticated and professional environment. A soothing soundtrack and crisp visuals make it easy to lose yourself in the game. Minimum bets start at $1 per hand and can reach $100 per hand — Fast Play is an option that increases the pace at which cards are being dealt, which also increases your chances of winning! If you get dealt an Ace as the face card, you have the option of buying insurance.

Roulette with eCheck

Customers can choose from a variety of classic Roulette variations, including the ones with side bets, bonus features and more.

European Roulette

European Roulette (also known as European Roulette Classic), a game of chance, has been a favorite of gamblers and casino managers for many years. It features simple rules and 37 pockets for a single zero and the numbers from 1 to 36. The largest payout available is 35 to 1 for a straight-up wager. To qualify for this payout, casino players must correctly predict just one number that the ball will land on. The game features an intuitive interface, smooth animations, and realistic graphics that make it seem like you’re really playing with a live dealer. It comes with an RTP of 97.30% and 98.65%.

French Roulette

French Roulette is a brilliant addition to NetEnt’s collection of roulette variations. It’s a single-zero game, with numbers from 1 to 36 and minimum wagers of $1, while maximums range as high as $500. A winning Straight-up bet of 35:1 is just one example of how generous French Roulette is in terms of payouts; Split bets pay 17:1, whereas Street Bets win potentials are 11:1. Autoplay and Quick Spin features offer even more ways to boost your chances of winning big!

American Roulette

And last but not least, NetEnt American Roulette features 1 to 36 number with a zero and double zero, thus lowering the RTP to 94.74%. The game has outstanding graphics and sound effects. Besides the standard bets players can place bonus neighbor bets. Placing a winning Straight bet ensures payouts as high as $3,600; Re-bet button and Autoplay feature are available for controls.

eChecks FAQ

Can eChecks be used by everyone?

Anyone who has an account at a bank that supports eCheck can use the service. You must rely on your bank to provide this option; there are other online services that offer it, such as eBay, but they are few in number.

Are eChecks better than wire transfers?

There’s not much of a difference between these two services. Wire transfers allow for much higher sums of money to be moved at once, but eChecks are processed within a single working day. Both services are convenient, but you should decide which one best suits your needs based on price and convenience.

Do eChecks have an advantage over other online payment services?

eChecks are safer than other online transaction services because they are backed by the bank. If you make a fraudulent purchase, you will be reimbursed by the bank.

What’s the difference between a paper check and an electronic check?

When you make a payment with either of them, the process is exactly the same. However, eChecks have several advantages over paper checks. For one thing, they clear faster than paper checks–they enter your bank’s system immediately and can be processed within 1-2 business days.

Can anyone else access my bank account without my permission?

It’s possible that someone else knows your banking information, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. The other person would have to know a lot about you, including your bank account number, your bank’s routing number, as well as your name. Unless you’re careless with this type of information, it would be nearly impossible for anyone else to learn it.

Can eChecks be used for payments other than online gambling?

EChecks can be used for any kind of transaction, as long as the other party is willing to accept them. This makes them a good choice for online gambling sites.

Why was my payment rejected?

There are a number of reasons why you might be denied a payment. Perhaps the recipient doesn’t accept eChecks, or your bank can’t complete the transaction because there is an internal problem with its systems. In that case, speak with the other party or your bank.

Is a payment via eCheck difficult to issue?

Payments via eCheck are one of the easiest ways for consumers to make payments. All you need is your name, bank account number and routing number. No prior registration is required for this service, since you already have an account with the bank.