Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Although it was once unthinkable, many bookmakers now accept Bitcoins as a deposit and withdrawal method. The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has made this cryptocurrency popular among punters worldwide. To find out which betting sites accept Bitcoin, check out the table below.


No Deposit Bonus Available!
€500 or 5 BTC + 180 FS
In Percent
Free Spins


No Deposit Bonus Available!
100% Up to €150 + 150 FS
In Percent
Free Spins


High Roller
No Deposit Bonus Available!
FortuneJack No Deposit Bonus
In Percent
Free Spins


$300/1.5BTC + 100 Free Spins
In Percent
Free Spins

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (₿) is a digital currency or cryptocurrency. It was developed in 2008 as part of the blockchain, a technology that allows for decentralized transactions. As such, it has gained popularity both as a currency and an investment. However, its origins are still shrouded in mystery: Who was or is Satoshi Nakamoto?

To acquire Bitcoin, you need to mine them – that is, solve complex computer problems. It takes a lot of time, and Bitcoin has been estimated to become obsolete by 2150. However, below you can learn more interesting facts about this currency.

  • Bitcoin was invented in 2008 and released as open-source software in 2009.
  • Hal Finney downloaded the software in 2009 and received 10 bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • When Bitcoin first appeared, it was mainly used to buy drugs on black markets.
  • For the first few years after Bitcoin’s creation, 1 bitcoin was worth just $0.30. Today, that same amount of bitcoin is worth about $9,047 US dollars.
  • In 2013, the Bank of China issued an order banning all Bitcoin payments.
  • In 2020, because of the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on our financial system, many people bought Bitcoin for the first time.

Online Betting with Bitcoin

It can be hard to stay ahead of the competition, so online betting sites are constantly looking for new ways to attract customers. Nowadays, many crypto bookmakers have started accepting Bitcoins as a payment method. Here are some benefits of Bitcoin bookmakers:

When you use Bitcoin to place bets, you can secure your personal information. This is because Bitcoin provides anonymity to its users. You won’t have to upload copies of sensitive documents or provide bank details. This makes Bitcoin a safe bet for those who want to join in on the fun.

Cryptocurrency wallets make Bitcoin transactions fast and secure. When you deposit cryptocurrencies to a sportsbook or crypto casino that accepts Bitcoin as a payment gateway, your transaction will be processed instantly. Withdrawals are even more instantaneous.

A lot of online bookmakers accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, but some don’t. If you don’t have any Bitcoin but would like to bet on something, you can use your credit card. The maximum deposit and withdrawal limits are low for Bitcoin betting sites, so they are perfect for high rollers. This is one of the reasons that people love them, but at the same time there are many benefits for regular punters too.

The best part about cryptocurrency is that you can claim free bets, deposit promotions, and VIP rewards. The fact that you’re also eligible to win bigger bonuses at crypto sites is also great. And most importantly, the worth of Bitcoin makes it a valuable currency for online casinos to participate in.

How Do I Get a Wallet?

You should use a digital wallet to buy, sell and exchange BitCoins. You can use desktop wallets or mobile e-wallets. The best way to find the right product for you might be hard since there are so many options. However, will direct you in finding the right BTC wallet for you. A special filter option called Helper will narrow down your choices if you are new to fiat currencies.

How to Deposit Bitcoin on Betting Sites

First of all, you must have a Bitcoin wallet that can receive deposits from bookies. You can deposit your funds in this way by going to the Cashier section and choosing BTC deposit.

From then on, you can now choose a sports market and place a bet. Online casinos have Bitcoin Games in their libraries. These are usually slots that are available for BTC bets.

How do you withdraw Bitcoin from an online bookmaker?

After winning from crypto bets, you can request withdrawals from your deposit. Here’s how to do it.

  1. To move your BitCoins from your betting account to your wallet, visit the site and make an online transaction.
  2. To withdraw, find the bookie’s wallet address in the withdrawal form and fill it in.
  3. You may not need to pay any fees, even if a bookmaker charges you.
  4. To withdraw your bitcoins, copy the correct address of your bitcoin wallet. Then hit the Withdraw button.
  5. Finally, you’ll need to cash out your Bitcoins into other currencies like Euros. To do so, sell them on an exchange.
  • BitCoin allows users to make low-fee deposits and withdrawals.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options that are available immediately
  • New and existing customers can take advantage of great BTC bonuses.
  • There are many ways to protect your identity in crypto betting sites.
  • Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has no intrinsic value.
  • Crypto markets are known to fluctuate widely, but they are also known to outperform other assets when volatility eases.
  • Once you make a mistake with the wallet address, it’s difficult to correct the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Bitcoin on online casinos?

Yes, of course. Many sites offer games involving crypto as well as traditional casino games.

Is Bitcoin a safe and legal payment method in sportsbooks?

In some countries, cryptocurrencies are not legal. For example, Nepal and Ecuador have banned them entirely.

Is my privacy guaranteed when I pay with Bitcoin?

If you register with Bitcoin as your currency, then yes. Otherwise, we’ll need to see proof of identity.

Are odds better on Bitcoin betting sites?

Most Bitcoin bookie sites have better odds than those offered by a traditional bookmaker. However, there might be exceptions.

Is it Worth Using Bitcoin?

In short, Bitcoin is a digital currency that comes with great perks. Its most notable benefits are its high levels of volatility, the privacy it offers users and the high-security quality it has to offer. We recommend Bitcoin betting to all punters not only because of its high level of security but also because it offers players many advantages when betting on Bitcoin bookmakers.