Slots with Real Money?

Slots have become the most popular gambling option in land-based casinos around the world. They are easy to play, packed with exciting features, and have the potential to turn even the most average player into a multimillionaire.

In order to play real money slots, you no longer need to travel to Las Vegas or visit a crowded, noisy local casino. There are thousands of online gambling sites that cater to slot fans by using beautiful, state-of-the-art digital games with up to 100 pay lines and movie themes. You can bet anything from $0.01 to more than $500 a spin and sometimes even win big jackpots!

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Finding a good online slot game can be challenging for players who have never been to a brick-and-mortar casino before. The biggest barrier is the lack of funds, but there are no-deposit bonuses to help you get started. And once you win some money, you can use it to play more games and increase your chances of winning more money.

Improving Your Chances to Win

Players should always try to find a legitimate, reliable casino. And if you are going to play online slots, make sure that you find a game that suits your budget and experience level. Of course, there are numerous websites offering free-play versions of the games, so that you can understand all the ins and outs of online slots without risking your own money.

Once you learn the basics of slots and how to play them, you’ll want to try your luck at the real money machines. Experienced players know that even if there is a chance that slots are purely based on chance, there are still ways to improve your winnings.

Bonus Cash

To optimize your play, take advantage of the bonuses that many online casinos offer. The bonuses can extend the time you spend playing slots and the number of rounds you play.

Finding High Payout Slots

Not all slot machines are created equal, but they all function in the same way. The payout percentage is one factor that novice players should consider when choosing a game to play at.

Adding some extra money to your bankroll can boost your chances of winning at online casinos. A $50 online gambling budget is better than a $50 budget because if you deposit $50 and win $100, your winnings will be less than half of what you lost when you deposited the first $50. It’s best to start with small amounts and increase this amount over time. Some casinos offer sign-up bonuses for new players which double the original deposit amount. For example, you can make a 100% match bonus on your first deposit into an online casino and keep playing there until you decide to withdraw all your winnings. Another incentive offered by casinos are no deposit bonuses which come in different forms like free spins or free cash prizes ranging from $5 up to around $50.”

These bonuses can be quite attractive, but there are some conditions you should keep in mind. First, the wagering requirements on these offers are quite high and it’s important to read the fine print before signing up for one of them. Typically, you’ll have to play $10 through 20 times before you’re able to request a withdrawal from your bonus. If you receive $10 as a bonus with a rollover requirement of 20 times, that means you need to place bets equal to or more than $200 before requesting a withdrawal. Also, if you play games with lower paybacks like slots, those bets won’t count toward meeting this requirement and most often you’ll need to wager your bonus entirely on slots.

You can expect the game to return an average of 75% to 90% of your wager over time, but the actual percentage varies across casinos. Online casinos tend to offer higher payouts than land-based facilities, with return percentages of over 95%.

Before you start playing a game, open the payout table and see what payouts can be had on each pay line. Then check how many coins are needed to play a special symbol or round and play accordingly. The best strategy is to read the instructions and pay schedule before you start playing.

Casinos also display their RTP percentages for each game. If a slot has an RTP of 94%, you will want to play that slot because it will return more money than any other game on the casino floor. For instance, if you play a slot machine and it has an RTP of 95%, 95 coins out of 100 coins wagered will return over time to the player who is playing it. Progressive jackpots make up for lower average payouts by offering bigger jackpots.

New players are often drawn to the most popular slots on a casino site. These games are advertised as being “free” and “easy” to win, but in practice they’re much more likely to leave you with little money than with big wins. So it’s best to first find hidden gems in the less-promoted games on the second and third pages of a casino site before playing them.

Types of Slot Machines

There are many types of slots you can play for real money online. Classic slots are one type, as are video slots and bonus slot games. Progressive jackpot slots have a progressive jackpot that gets bigger whenever you win.

Video slots are much more exciting, complex and engaging to play than traditional slots. They feature animated themes and intricate story lines, often inspired by famous books, TV shows or Hollywood blockbusters. There are many different types of symbols and pay lines in these games. Players can choose the number of active pay lines they wish to play at.

Many popular slots games incorporate bonus rounds, which are mini-games within the game that players can trigger by hitting certain symbols or combinations. These rounds are interactive, much like regular computer or arcade games, and give players a chance to win exciting prizes without having to make huge bets. Gaming software developers also add progressive jackpots to their slots so that players can earn large sums while playing with only small bets.

How Slots Actually Work

One popular misconception about slot machines is that they rely on a predetermined set of winning combinations. Actually, the winning combinations are completely random–just like video poker and other virtual games like online blackjack or roulette. Thanks to an advanced piece of technology, every spin on a slot machine is random and can’t be manipulated by either player or casino.

In earlier slots and video poker machines, random number generators were used even though they were mechanical. Today, computers control all aspects of modern slot games. These computers generate long sequences of random numbers and those numbers determine the outcome of each spin. The machine stops generating numbers when you place a bet, so it doesn’t matter whether the machine is based on some mythical cycle or not.

Choosing a Slot Casino

Though slots are a game of chance, players can still make decisions to improve their chances of winning. To choose a good slot, look for one that pays out high amounts. The game should also be available at legitimate casinos with a good reputation and whose games are regularly tested by independent auditing agencies. All this information should be displayed on the casino’s home page.

Online casinos typically post the payout percentage of their slots. Experienced players know that choosing a casino with higher average payout percentages is the right move. For instance, if a game has an RTP of 96%, players can expect to receive around $96 of their wagers. However, in the long run it is best to play games with an average payout rate above 97%. Most respected online casinos offer a payout rate of around 96%-97%.

To maximize your profits, look for casinos with generous welcome bonuses. These are typically percentage-based and worth more than the deposit amount itself. If, for example, you’re offered a 100% bonus up to $100, there’s no need to deposit more than $100 – even if you make a deposit of $150. You should also look for the lowest wagering requirements possible so they are easier and faster to meet.

Online casinos that offer progressive jackpot slots also take into consideration other aspects of the game such as graphics quality, special features, jackpot amount and plenty of other criteria.

Finally, when choosing where to play slots, make sure that the casino has a wide variety of games. Although all of these games use random number generators for their results, each slot has its own theme and gameplay that cater to different types of players. You should pick games that not only have high payouts but also ones that are most interesting or visually appealing to you. There are all kinds of slots – movie-themed slots featuring interactive bonus rounds, 3D-animated slots inspired by music icons, music-inspired slots featuring interactive bonus rounds and many others.

Progressive Jackpots

Brick-and-mortar casinos have been popular with players for many years, and their online counterparts quickly adopted this strategy. The idea behind hitting a life-changing win is simple – all games of a particular type are linked in a network, and a small percentage of every bet placed at them goes toward the jackpot.

If you hit the combination of symbols that activates the progressive jackpot, you will win a large sum of money. However, this is rare; most people who play do not win this jackpot. The payout is usually given not in instalments but in one big chunk.

When choosing an online casino, progressive slots players should take note of several facts. First, most online slots do not offer jackpots. Instead, progressive games are divided into separate categories; finding them is easy. Also, it is important to learn how a progressive jackpot works – what coins you must use and how much you need to bet before playing for it. In most cases, you will be required to play with maximum coins and bet on maximum lines in order to qualify for such a winning ticket.

Since the payouts for progressive slots are determined by how much you bet, many new players are discouraged from playing them because they see so much potential for losing money. In fact, only a small percentage of players have ever won a progressive jackpot, so it’s important to be patient and be ready to lose money before investing real money.

Winning at Slots

People who play online slots may have an idea of how the games work, but it is always a good idea to learn more. Casinos have an advantage over players, but a knowledgeable and prepared punter is likely to win less than one who does not know what to do.

Learn the Rules

Successful players learn the rules of the game first. They know that without knowledge of the basic mechanics, it is impossible to win at online slots.

Bet Size

Before playing a real money online slot, players should see if it suits their budget. penny slots are good options for novices and have minimum bets as low as $0.01 per spin.

When you play a slot machine game, you’ll need to select how much money you want to wager on the lines and how many pay lines you prefer. Most modern slots on the web have five reels and at least ten pay lines, which are winning combinations of symbols that can land on an active line.

When you choose to Spin, the reels will spin. If a winning combination is formed, then you will automatically be paid out from the pay table. Some games have a Stop button that gives players the impression that they can somehow influence the outcome. As explained above, the result of each spin is determined by an RNG and its complex algorithms.

You need to select the number of pay lines you want to play at in most video slots, but some fixed-pay games have different options. Next, you will need to choose how much money you want to bet in each line ($0.01-$1 or $5-$10). You can also pick the number of coins per line (up to 10) and most games allow this choice.

A large portion of slot games caters to both budget players and high rollers. For instance, you can play with 25 pay lines or activate only one line at a time. If you bet $0.01 per spin, your maximum bet size will be merely $0.01. On the other hand, if you want to play with 10 coins on 25 lines at once, your maximum bet amount will be $250 per spin.

Adjusting Bets

Slot players who are new to the game should start off with the lowest bets possible. Experienced players recommend this strategy because it minimizes the amount of money you’ll lose if you’re not familiar with the rules of the game, its features or bonuses.

Bonus Features

Many players enjoy slots that come with special features, such as bonus rounds and free spins. These features increase the chances of winning and make winning more likely, giving players a better chance of making a fortune.

It is better to play with 1 or 2 coins on more lines than playing with 10 coins on a single line. After you win, increase the size of your bet gradually so you can take advantage of your good roll.

There are many betting strategies players can adopt depending on their experience and bankroll. One strategy involves doubling your bet each time you win until you reach the maximum amount allowed, while another involves starting with one coin per line and increasing as you begin to win more often. And there are those who hit the Max Bet button as soon as they start winning on a particular slot. All of these strategies aim to increase your profits while reducing your losses.

It is always important to play with the maximum amount of coins when playing progressive slots. A player should always play 10 coins on all pay lines, as this means greater winning opportunities.

You’ll find several types of symbols in every slot game: standard, bonus or wild cards (also known as “feature” symbols); scatter symbols that give you a payout if you hit at least two of them anywhere on the reels; and more.

In case three scatter symbols appear on the screen, a bonus round is triggered. Sometimes, the bonus is in the form of free spins (anything from 3 to 50 spins), which in turn, can trigger more free spins. Some slots feature Pick Me bonus games where you are given several symbols or cards and you need to pick one of them. You can win a multiplier or cash prize then return to base game.

Some online slots also include bonus games that require players to solve puzzles and shoot targets. Players can win big if they win this kind of bonus game. Other unique features that can be found in some online slots are Expanding Wilds, which expand to cover the entire reel, or Sticky Wilds, which remain in their positions for several spins while all other symbols on the screen are moving.

There are many different kinds of bonuses that appear in different slots and game developers offer them. Even more kinds of wild symbols are appearing in the same slots, some have a Gamble feature where the player can double the winnings from a single spin if he or she gets at least three of a kind. This is usually a simple card game where the player can double their winnings from one spin simply by getting three cards of the same color or suit. If they don’t get it right…all winnings from this spin will be lost.

Slots Pay Table Explanation

Slots are simple games, but players who don’t understand the pay table of the game they’re playing can lose all their money faster. Pay tables show you all the rules, winning combinations and pay lines for any given game. There, you can see how much you’ll win if you get lucky and hit certain symbols in a particular slot machine. The pay table also shows any bonus symbols you can hit during play.

Pay tables are generally simple and easy to understand. They can be accessed through the Info button in most games, or by clicking on any similar button. Although some players believe that pay charts are irrelevant because all slot games work the same way, this is not true. Pay tables contain all the details about how bonuses work, how jackpots can be won, and what limitations jackpots have.

For example, if you like to win the progressive jackpot but only play two coins per pay line during your session, you can look at the pay table and find out that max bets give you a better chance of winning.

Top 15 Real Money Slots

1Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

Gonzo’s Quest, one of the most iconic slots ever made by NetEnt, was revamped in 2020. The new version of the game added a Megways mechanism that awards players up to 117,649 ways to win a single spin.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways is a simple, smooth-playing slot machine with many features that make it a fun game to play. You are rewarded by seeing symbols spin across six reels and by collecting payouts whenever you hit a winning combination. However, other features of this slot machine may lead you to win more than you originally thought possible. In addition to seeing symbols spin across six reels, you might notice that some of them appear enlarged after they have been hit by winning combinations. This allowed more winning combinations on adjacent reels.

In Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, the game features special symbols and bonus features that increase winnings. Each spin pays out generous rewards, up to a 21,000x multiplier. The bet limit ranges between $0.20 and $4, but players can stake as much as they want on each spin.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways is a game that doesn’t require you to bet on paylines. Instead, you’ll get paid based on how many symbols you land on the reels. The best winning combination starts with the first reel on the left side of the grid. The game features animal symbols and ancient mask symbols, which pay out low and high amounts, respectively.

When all six reels of a slot machine stop spinning, you can win big. The highest-paying symbol is the mask, which awards 15x your total bet for every six-reel land in the game. Four or more consecutive wins with matching symbols will increase the win multiplier meter above your grid to x5 in base game and up to 15x during free spins.

During spins, Wild symbols will substitute for all paying symbols. Gonzo’s Quest Megaways will include free fall symbols as Scatters. Three or more Free Fall icons on adjacent reels will trigger the free spin feature of the game; if two Free Fall icons and one Wild appear on the first three reels of the slot, nine free spins are awarded; if two Free Fall symbols appear on consecutive reels (either side of a tie), another three free spins will be granted.

In Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, you may randomly trigger an earthquake while playing. This feature destroys all low-value symbols in the grid, increasing the chances of landing high-value wins.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways Gameplay

2Bass Boss

Red Tiger Gaming’s Bass Boss slot lets you explore the deep waters of a slot and hopefully enjoy a great catch. The slot has 10 fixed paylines that will grant payouts whenever identical symbols land three or more times on them. At first glance, Bass Boss may seem like any other fishing slot but there is plenty to unveil as you spin the five reels of the game.

When you land a winning combination in Bass Boss, you’ll be able to reap generous prizes. The RTP is high at 95.7%, but players should keep in mind that it may take several losing rounds before they trigger a bonus feature and land bigger payouts.

We believe Bass Boss is a great option for players who would like to wager real money on a video slot. With immersive sound and visual effects, fun themes, and generous bonus functions that make it easy to win big, we think this game will be appealing to you.

You’ll win certain combinations of cards, including 10s and As. Five identical 10s will pay 10x your bet per line, and five As will bring you 30x your single-line wager. The highest-paying symbols are fishing gear–a fishing boat brings players up to 300x their bet per line.

In Bass Boss, you can find Wilds that substitute for other symbols. These Wilds will award cash prizes when they are matched with other symbols or triggers. You can also win special prizes from Scatters, which are icons that appear on reels 2 and 3.

The game will reward players with bonus spins when they get three or more Contest Spins symbols on the reels. The number of bonus spins will be determined by how many Scatters have been landed during the base game, with three Scatters awarding 10 bonus spins and four Scatters presenting players with 15 extra spins. Five Scatters will award 20 Bonus Spins.

During Contest Spins, the Fisherman’s fishing line will always be in the water–and for more chances of winning. During the bonus feature, there will be a progress bar that goes from 1 to 4 different milestones. For each type of achievement, players can enjoy bonus spins and float multipliers.

Wait for the fisherman to cast his line and then watch for the hook to land on a fish’s row in the base game. That’s when you can get extra payouts. Nudge can also trigger a Catch! feature during it if there are no fish symbols on that row or if the hook bumps into one without catching anything.

Bass Boss is a slot game with a fun and rewarding theme. It has a high volatility so it can be somewhat risky, but it also provides great rewards if you’re willing to take that risk!

Watch Bass Boss Gameplay

3Dragons Clusterbuster

Many people have been fascinated by dragons for centuries, but these days they’re more popular than ever thanks to fantasy movies, books and TV shows. That’s why Red Tiger Gaming has decided to dedicate one of its slots to these mythical creatures. If you’re looking for a fun video slot that allows real-money wagers and makes your gaming sessions more adventurous, try Dragons Clusterbuster.

This slot features nine reels, each with a different symbol. The more symbols that land in a cluster of five or more, the more you win. Instead of betting on specific lines like other slots, you’re betting on clusters of symbols. The total bet is equal to your line bet multiplied by 20 betways (which means there are no typical paylines).

If you choose to wager $0.20 per spin, you will receive the paytable amount listed in the payout section. The highest amount you can bet is $10 per spin. Even though it may seem like a small amount, Dragons Clusterbuster offers a high volatility of rewards, which means that in the long run you can see yourself making some serious money by betting $0.20 at a time on this game.

There are two types of symbols in Dragons Clusterbusters. High-value icons include an ancient scroll, crossed swords, globus cruciger, and a crown. These bring you 50x your line bet when they form a cluster of 20 or more identical symbols. Low-value icons include playing card values between 10 and A (A being the most generous cards), with the A being the highest-paying symbol.

As the Wild symbol can substitute for any symbol, you’ll be able to form more winning combinations. While there are no scatter symbols in the game, you can still trigger several bonus features and even reach the Free Spins game.

Avalanche wins are present in this slot, which means that any winning clusters will be removed from the screen. This allows other symbols to take up the empty space and lead to multiple consecutive wins. The bonus games of Dragons Clusterbusters include several features, including a cluster symbol in the center that can be destroyed by multiple wins around it. When this happens, the 3×3 dragon icon gets destroyed and one of three eggs will hatch: blue, green, or purple. If you enjoy multiple cluster wins around this symbol, you will manage to hatch all three eggs!

When you get all three eggs to hatch, you’ll enjoy the bonuses they bring to the game. The blue hatchling will remove all low-valued symbols from the grid, allowing more higher-paying clusters; this is a great feature if you’ve been playing only one or two eggs at a time. The green hatchling will hover above the slot’s grid, placing random Wilds on the reels; this is a cool feature if you want to increase your chances of winning by adding lightning multipliers to random symbols on the grid. Finally, the purple egg will add lightning multipliers to random symbols on the grid; if all three eggs are hatched, an additional “Fire Egg” may activate in place of any other symbol(s) activated by progressive awards during play.

The Fire Egg symbol in Dragons Clusterbusters will trigger 10 free spins. During the bonus spins, you can trigger different hatchling features by landing three or more of these symbols. The Fore Egg symbol will lock itself in place once the feature is triggered, so you can trigger the Free Spins feature again easily!

Watch Dragons Clusterbuster Gameplay

4Legacy of Dead

Play’n GO’s Book of Dead series is a popular collection of video slots inspired by ancient Egypt. Legacy of Dead, another Book of Dead slot, allows players to stack up generous wins when they are lucky enough to discover the fortunes of yet another tomb.

To win, you need to see three or more identical symbols on any active payline. In addition, the Free Spins feature can double your winnings or increase the amount of coins you win when it gets triggered. You can bet as little as a single coin per spin ($0.01 minimum bet) or up to $100 per spin.

In Legacy of Dead, some symbols are active payline multipliers, but others can award you up to five times your bet when they appear on the first two positions of a paying line. The top-paying icons are 10s, Js, Qs and Ks.

The high-paying symbols are Egyptian in theme and bring players generous payouts. The highest paying symbol is the spirit of the King, who has escaped from his tomb and is roaming around the reels 5 times on average. This symbol can also bring you a decent payout when it appears two times on a payline only, giving you 10x your single line bet.

The tomb symbol can substitute for other symbols when it appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. When this symbol appears three or more times anywhere on the reels, players can trigger a free spins round of Legacy of Dead.

As the Free Spins segment begins, a random symbol will be chosen to become an Expanding icon. The Expanding symbol can increase your chances of winning. As the Special Expanding Symbol feature is retriggered when three or more Scatters hit the reels, you have the chance to play up to nine free spins with special Expanding symbols on them.

Legacy of Dead is an excellent Play’n GO slot game that offers exciting real-money slots with some big payouts.

Watch Legacy of Dead Gameplay


Finally, if the unique nature of Reactoonz appeals to you and your friends, then Play’n Go is a perfect option. This unusual slot offers players to embark on a different real-money betting adventure by offering them clusters of cute alien creatures that automatically pay out whenever they form.

The game’s adorable characters will interact with each other to trigger special features, such as the appearance of the Gargantoon across the 7×7 grid. Wilds and four quantum features give players more chances for wins when they appear as 3×3 symbols.

Reactoonz is available in a range of bets from $0.20 to $100 per spin. The low-limit, high-volatility nature of the game makes it suitable for both recreational players and high rollers. Keep in mind that this is a high-volatility game, which may mean going through multiple losing rounds before you hit it big.

Prepare to be sent to outer space and come back with generous wins when you play Reactoonz. The low-paying symbols include yellow, green, red, and purple one-eyed creatures, with the orange symbol being the highest paying symbol.

When four matching symbols are adjacent to each other and form a square shape, they transform into a 2×2 Giantoon. While you play, a random one-eyed creature will be highlighted on each spin. If you have three Wilds on the grid when the game ends, you will win a jackpot!

When you win, you’ll be able to unlock up to four Quantum features. The Implosion will convert three or six random symbols into Wilds, which will destroy adjacent symbols. The Incision feature will pick a wild symbol and place it in the center of the grid, creating two intersecting diagonal lines that reveal identical symbols. These intersecting diagonal lines will allow more winning clusters to form. The Demolition feature will remove all one-eyed symbols as well as all matching symbols from the grid; this includes any matching creatures on screen. Lastly, the Alteration function will transform any one-eyed creature on screen into the same symbol

The 3×3 symbol will appear on the slot’s grid as a giant Wild whenever you trigger the three-eyed Gargantoon. A new symbol will cascade from above, filling up empty spaces. Before every move on the screen, new symbols will cascade from above, filling up empty spaces.

Watch Reactoonz Gameplay

6Gold Digger: Mines

If you want to play slots for real money and are seeking a new experience, we recommend trying Gold Digger: Mines by iSoftBet. This game offers an unusual spin on slots–it doesn’t have reels or paylines, so there is no way to win except by matching symbols. However, it’s a simple game that anyone can play and win. While you only have two symbols on the grid at any given time, you can still have lots of fun playing this game.

Gold Digger: Mines is a unique and exciting game, because it rewards risk-taking. While you may often enjoy small wins on every spin, you can take additional risks and hopefully increase your profit. Losing the game is also very easy, which makes this slot even more entertaining for players who enjoy betting real money on slots.

Gold Digger: the minimum bet is higher than other slots. This is because you can often enjoy a decent win on almost any playing round.

When you play Gold Digger: Mines, you won’t be collecting payouts like the traditional slots you are used to. The game’s grid of 5 reels and 5 rows has 25 positions, and gold nuggets will be the only symbols that appear on the screen. Unfortunately, when a TNT symbol is revealed, you lose your winnings and have to wait for another spin.

The risk in slot machines is that players will have to decide whether or not to put their winnings into the machine again. If you think the next spin will be a loser, you can opt for collecting your win and starting a new round with a new bet on the spin.

Gold Digger: Mines is not a typical slot machine. There are no wild symbols to win, scattered symbols to complete a win line, or features that unlock when certain features are achieved. However, in every consecutive gold nugget revealed on the screen, you’ll see an increase in your winnings. There are no free spins or bonus games either–just pure fun for when you’re ready for some real money casino play!

When playing a video slot machine game, you can adjust the volatility of the game by choosing a risk level. You will also be able to set up the number of TNTs in the game. A lower number of TNTs will mean lower volatility, as you will have more chances to succeed. If you increase the number of TNTs, there is a higher chance that you will lose and therefore increase your potential return if you are lucky enough to avoid multiple TNTs on screen.

If you make a good choice in a single game, you will see what happens when you continue to play. If you are unwilling to take more risks and continue choosing every round, you can collect your winnings and start a new game. As soon as one game ends due to winning or revealing gold nuggets, all of the positions showing gold nuggets will be revealed on the next round. As you can see, even without any special features, Gold Digger: Mines is still an entertaining slot title to play for real money.

Watch our Mines Gameplay

7Majestic Megaways Extreme 4

iSoftBet’s Majestic Megaways Extreme 4 is a unique slot experience with four different reel sets, each of which can be played simultaneously. You will notice that this game has obtained a license from Big Time Gaming (BTG) to incorporate the company’s popular Megaways system into their slot game and it has added plenty of special features to make it even more exciting.

Playing on four reel sets can increase your potential profits, but it also increases your chances of winning. The maximum number of ways you can win in a four reel slot machine is 470,596. With plenty of bonus features to trigger and plenty of ways to win, it doesn’t take long for this feature to reach its potential.

You can choose to wager between $0.50 and $50 per spin, with your single-coin wager being $0.01 and the total wager amount per reel set being $0.10. Multiply this amount by four for each set and add another $0.10 for the side bet, which gives you your total spin wager amount for that particular spin of the game.

In this game, there are no wild cards. The best payout out of all playing cards is given on six As, bringing players 0.15x their single-coin bet.

We also feature wild animals that will bring you huge payouts. Three or more buffalos, rhinos, and elephants will earn you a generous 250 coins when they appear in any position on the reels; the lion is our most lucrative symbol, paying 500x your single-coin wager for six-of-a-kind on its own!

The slot machine has a number of bonus features. The Mystery symbol acts as wilds, because it will substitute for any regular paying symbols on the reel. Bonus icons can be picked up by landing four times on specific paylines. They award bonus spins whenever they land four times on a single reel set.

Cascading wins are also present in the game, meaning that all winning combinations are removed from the screen and replaced by new symbols. That feature can easily trigger consecutive wins on any of the reel sets. Symbols appear in different sizes, changing the possible ways to win per spin. Meanwhile, middle four reels of each grid set have an additional row, allowing for more ways to win per spin. On any spin, Max Megaways can be unlocked for every reel set except for one through four; this feature affects all five reels at once.

The Bonus Spins feature triggers when three or four Bonus symbols land during the game. If players get three or four Bonus symbols in a row, they will be awarded five or ten free spins respectively. During free spins, an unlimited increasing multiplier is present; each winning spin will increase the multiplier by 1x after each cascading win.

While regular free spins are played on one reel set, Majestic Megaways Extreme Spins give players the chance to unlock all four reel sets. The feature starts with 15 spins on the first reel set and then five Diamond symbols in order to unlock another five spins for the second reel. If you manage to collect 10 more Diamonds, you will be able to access the third reel set with another five bonus spins. And if you manage to collect 15 Diamonds during this special type of free spins bonus feature, you will be able to unlock an additional set of five bonus spins. The increasing multiplier is also active while you are playing these free spins bonus rounds and multiple boosted payouts can be won during this time period as well.

If you can’t wait for the Majestic Megaways Extreme 4 bonus game to trigger randomly, you can play a fun new feature that gives you instant access to bonus spins. For 75x your total bet on this slot machine, you’ll receive one free spin feature. To make sure the Majestic Megaways Extreme Spins feature triggers, it’s best to spend an additional 300x your total bet. As you can see, while this slot is extremely risky, it can be a very rewarding real-money slot.

See how Majestic Megaways Extreme 4 plays!

8Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Catch Megaways

If you love to fish, then you may enjoy playing Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Catch Megaways by Blueprint Gaming. This slot has a lot of fishing-related features and odds, making it much more fun than other slots. It can be played for real money at any one of our Las Vegas casinos.

The Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Catch Megaways has an average volatility of 80.3%, which means that there’s a decent chance of winning 50,000x your total bet. The maximum payout in this game is capped at 50,000x the total bet of players. You can wager between $0.10 and $10 per spin in this slot machine.

Fishing slot machines are fun to play because they provide players with winning combinations that appear frequently. The most lucrative symbols in fishing slots include the values of playing cards that range between 10 and A. When you see six 10s, Js or Qs appear on three or more adjacent reels, your total bet will pay 2.5x what you placed into your machine. The combination of six Ks or As offers a return of 5x your total bet when these symbols appear on three or more adjacent reels.

The symbols that pay bigger than any other symbol in the game are the ones that match all six reels of the slot machine. These include fishing gear items, such as a fishing rod. The highest-paying symbol of the game is a pelican, which pays 200x your total bet when matched on all six reels. This same symbol can even be won twice in a row on the first two reels, paying 0.5x your original stake each time it lands on both reels.

The game also has a special feature that lets players win up to 10x their total bet if they match five fish symbols on all six reels. There are other symbols that can be combined with other symbols in order to complete winning combinations, such as the Scatter boat and the Fisherman Wild. During this feature, the Wild symbol acts as both Scatter and Wild by having two different functions.

When you match three or more fish symbols, Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Catch Megaways will trigger a bonus feature. For example, when you match four fish symbols your 10 free spins will be triggered while five or more fish symbols will give you 15 free spins. If you land six fish symbols on the reels during free spins then you’ll receive 50 free spins. During free spins, you’ll notice that fish symbols act as wilds which complete winning combinations but also collect cash prizes from all other scatters on screen. As wilds they collect all cash prizes from other scatters when they land on reel 2 or reel 3.

If two or more Fisherman symbols appear on the reels, they will each collect their own cash prize from all the fish icons on the grid. Once this happens, the Fisherman icon will be collected in the Big Catch meter on the side of the slot’s grid. When you collect four Scatter symbols during a Free Spins bonus round, you will get five additional spins and bigger cash prizes for all fish icons in your catch. You can do this again by triggering this bonus round with four Scatter symbols.

As you can see, both the base game and the bonus feature of Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Catch Megaways are extremely rewarding. That’s why we think the game is a great option for players who want to try their luck in real money slots.

Watch the Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Catch Megaways Gameplay here!

9The Goonies Return

The Goonies, the kids from the 80’s movie, The Goonies, will keep players entertained with a revamped version of Blueprint’s slot. With 20 fixed paylines offering generous wins and fun bonuses, this game continues to spread across five reels.

The slot has a moderate volatility, so the chance of seeing decent payouts is good. The bonus game has six features, and players can enjoy each one of them personally. Meanwhile, the base game can also trigger random features that surprise players and make the overall experience more exciting.

In the base game, you’ll get 20 fixed lines which award wins for matching identical symbols on them. However, during free spins, the lines will be formed differently than in the base game. The majority of symbols are worth a payout when three or more of them land on a winning line, with that win starting from the most left reel.

For the low pay symbols, the game is naturally using playing card values to determine your payoff. The bigger payouts are offered for hitting three, four or five King cards or Jacks. For example, you’ll get 8x the single-line bet if you hit three Kings on a straight flush; 40x for hitting four Kings in a straight flush; and 100x if you hit five Kings in a straight flush. Data and Mouth offer 200x your bet per line for five-of-a-kind while Chunk and Mikey offer 300x your bet per line for the same combination.

The pirate flag is the highest paying symbol in this slot, with the catchphrase “Never say die.” The five symbols for a win on a payline are 500 times the wager per line. The doubloon is the Wild symbol of The Goonies Return, substituting for any regular paying symbol and also offering pretty generous payouts when matched two or more times on a payline. The pirate skull will be the Scatter of this game, triggering the One-Eyed Willy Bonus game when it lands three or more times on reels 1 through 5.

The Bonus game features a spinning wheel that randomly triggers one of six bonus features. These include Booby Trap Bonus, Waterslide to Wealth, Skeleton Organ Free Spins, Fratelli Free Spins, and The Final Voyage Free Spins. Players can also gamble to reach One-Eyed Willy Riches bonus feature by clicking on this icon on the base game screen or via modifier key.

In the base game, if a player wins with a bet higher than 15x their investment, they can either collect their profit or enter the bonus wheel game and try to win a feature. If players choose to Gamble on their next spin, they will be awarded a Mystery Win which can be exchanged for Bonus or Super Bonus wins or mega-bonuses.

During the bonus game of The Goonies Return, players can choose to gamble on a feature or collect it. If they gamble it, they will either get the other feature or win mystery prizes from the bonus Wheel.

In the base game, on any spin of the One-Eyed Willy slot machine, a feature can randomly trigger. Players have the chance to choose three keys that will award one of seven modifiers: Booby Traps, Truffle Shuffle, W-Invention Reels, Hidden Treasure, Lucky Coins and Win Spin. These fun features offer multiple ways to win huge jackpots!

Watch The Goonies Return Gameplay

10Thunderstruck Wild Lightning

If you like the Norse god Thor, you will love Thunderstruck Wild Lightning. The game has a variety of fun features that can lead to big wins. You can win cash prizes by landing 3 or more identical symbols anywhere on the reels. And with this game’s base game, you’ll have plenty of chances to do so!

You might just strike it rich if you trigger one of the special features of this slot game. The max payout is capped at 15,000x the total bet, with four jackpot pays per spin. The bet range is low, $0.20-16, but the volatility is high–you can expect to lose quite a few no-win rounds before you hit it big.

Thunderstruck Wild Lightning has several playing card values carved on stones as the low-paying symbols. When matched five times across a payline, 9 and 10 will pay 20x your line bet, J and Q will award 25x the bet per line amount, while K and A will pay 30x the single-line bet. There are also five elemental gems–indicative of infinity stones–that award better payouts.

When the purple stone appears five times on a payline, it will pay 50x your line bet. The fiery elemental stone offers the highest payout of 250x your bet per line amount when it appears five times on a paying line.

The Thunderball symbol is a wild and will appear in different colors in regular gameplay. When six or more Thunderball symbols appear on the reels, the Link&Win bonus round will be triggered. During this round, rows 5-8 will be added to the grid with 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-valued symbols respectively. The symbols that trigger this feature will remain in their positions during the bonus round.

When the Link&Win feature starts, it gives you three chances to win. If you get any more Thunderballs on the screen and there are no more spins, your prizes will be paid out accordingly. The feature stops once the entire grid is covered in Thunderball symbols, which pay out as follows: Linked Wilds — $75; Wilds — $50; and Lightning Strikes — $25.

Thor will be the Wild symbol in this game, which can substitute for any other symbol. Thor’s hammer is the Scatter, which pays 3x, 20x and 200x your total bet when it appears three or more times anywhere on the reels. Three or more Scatters will also trigger Free Spins, with Wild multipliers also being present during Free Spins. The more times Free Spins are triggered, the bigger potential wins players can enjoy thanks to boosted Wild win multipliers.

When you trigger the Wildstorm feature of Thunderstruck Wild Lightning, players can enjoy a special Svartalfheim Free Spin. Every time a Scatter pair lands on the reels, it will be collected in the Wildstorm meter. When 20 Scatter pairs are collected, the Wildstorm feature will be activated and can turn up to five reels Wild. During free spins, Wild reels can appear thanks to the Wild Lightning feature. If a Wild hits any of the middle three reels during free spins it will activate that position, which triggers an expansion when another Wild is placed on top of it; this results in wild symbols covering all three reel positions at once.

Thunderstruck Wild Lightning offers a huge selection of bonus features, symbols and gameplay, making it a favorite for many slot fans.

Watch the Thunderstruck Wild Lightning gameplay video here.

11Fire in the Hole

NoLimit City is offering a mining slot that may be worth a look for those who enjoy making riskier bets. The slot Fire in the Hole lets players destroy blocks and reveal numerous treasures hidden in a mine by playing with dynamites, gold nuggets and mining gear. With these tools at hand, players can open up new possibilities to win big by destroying blocks and uncovering valuable treasures.

The game’s sixth row can be unlocked after players win consecutive times. The fourth, fifth, and sixth rows are unlocked by accumulating wins in three of the five rows. The number of ways to win will change based on how many active reels there are at the time.

Players can choose between $0.20 and $50 as the bet size. The bonus feature, however, requires players to spend up to 500 times their total bet before they can use it.

The game has six reels, and players can win whenever three or more adjacent symbols of the same kind appear on those reels. The payouts start from the far left reel, and they include low-paying pips ranging from 9 to K ($1), paying between 1x and 1.5x the total bet when they land on all six reels of the slot machine. The high-paying symbols are represented by mining gear such as helmets, picks and lanterns. Each item brings you 7.5x your total bet for six-of-a-kind!

The xBomb Wild will help you complete winning formations by substituting for regular symbols of the game. The wild will explode and remove adjacent symbols from the reels, allowing collapsing symbols above to take empty positions. When it explodes, it also increases your win multiplier by one.

When three or more identical symbols align horizontally on adjacent reels and there is no win, Fire in the Hole may trigger the Wild Mining feature. If three or more identical symbols trigger this feature and there is no win, one, two or three Wilds will appear in the middle of these horizontal alignments.

When you start a new round of Spinning Stars, three rows will be active. Some positions on the grid consist of stone blocks, which can be destroyed in order to unlock additional rows. When a win occurs, it removes symbols from the slot and opens empty spaces for symbols above them. You can collapse wins by triggering xBomb Wilds or wild mines.

In addition to Wilds, Fire in the Hole also features gold nugget Scatters. When you see three or more of these gold-colored cards appear, the Lucky Wagon Spins feature will trigger. During this feature, three respins are available and up to four rows are activated on your first spin. As each coin symbol falls onto a reel below an enhancer, that enhancer will be applied only when a coin lands on that reel.

In addition to multipliers applied to coins, the top bar enhancers may include dynamites, bags, chests and dwarfs. Dynamites blow up positions that are blocked on the grid or add value to coins that have dropped. This enhancer may also activate the chests in the bottom row of the row during bonus feature spins. Bags and Chests will also collect coins that have landed on their corresponding reel or entire reel area during bonus feature spins. Dwarfs have a similar function as they collect values in their corresponding area for every respin during bonus feature spins.

If players prefer, they can purchase the feature with two, three, or four initially active rows. These three options will cost players 60x, 157x, or 500x their total bet respectively. With so many ways to collect extra gold in Fire in the Hole, it’s definitely a real money slot that deserves extra attention from slot players!

Watch the Fire in the Hole Gameplay Trailer

12Das xBoot

NoLimit City has always been a leader in pushing the limits of slot themes, designs and bonus features. With Das xBoot, they have not disappointed players who are looking for an underwater adventure. The game features traditional NoLimit City mechanics such as xWays.

The game offers 576 ways to win, but thanks to the xWays feature of Das xBoot, there are more. During free spins, additional rows are added to the slot’s grid, further increasing your chances of winning.

The maximum number of spins a player can get during bonus rounds is capped at 75,712. Special features like xNudge and xBomb Wild Multipliers make the game more exciting and bring players generous wins. The betting range for the game is from $0.25 to $100 per line. Players can buy bonuses by spending more money than they would normally do without this feature. As high volatility slots are usually not worth playing in the long run, it might be better to spend some extra money to trigger bonus spins as you can win a lot more than usual with these types of games.

Das Boot, a video slot machine game by IGT, has a special symbol called the submarine captain. This is an icon that appears in the middle of three or more adjacent reels and will award you a certain payout. The submarine captain pays 10x your total bet when it appears on six reels at once; however, if you see this symbol land on adjacent reels anywhere else on the screen, the payout amount will be doubled. The captain is usually the highest paying symbol in Das Boot’s pay table, so he can produce 20x the bet when he shows up 6 times on each reel.

The NoLimit Wild Multiplier is represented by a red ribbon that can appear on reels 3 and 4 during the base game and only on reel 4 during Silent Hunter Spins. This Wild always nudges other symbols above or below the service ribbon until it fully appears on the respective reel. With every symbol it nudges, the Wild multiplier increases by 1x. The Wild can substitute for all regular paying symbols and help players complete winning combinations.

A blue service ribbon will appear on the reels of Das xBoot, revealing a random regular symbol. The size of this special icon can range between 2 to 3 symbols. If more than one xWays service ribbons land on the reels, all of them will reveal the same symbol. Another typical NoLimit City symbol included in Das xBoot is the xBomb Wild Multiplier, which can also substitute for any regular paying symbol of the game. This Wild will also destroy all symbols that are not included in a winning combination while the remaining symbols collapse into empty spaces on the reels after an explosion caused by an exploding bomb icon. If there are no more free spins left for you to enjoy, then your winnings are frozen until a new round begins and you will be awarded with a certain amount of chips depending on how many free spins were left at that time.”

You can trigger up to eight Silent Hunter Spins or Wolf Pack Spins when the Bonus symbol lands on the middle four reels of a slot grid. If you cannot wait for these features to appear randomly, you can purchase them from the Bonus Buy section of Das xBoot. To trigger the Silent Hunter Spin, wager 75x your total bet; to trigger Wolf Pack Spin, wager 350x your original stake.

During the Silent Hunter Spins, you’ll see a wild Periscope Wild appearing on the third reel. There will also be torpedo rows beneath the slot’s grid. If you land three torpedo Wilds in a row, it will trigger an extra free spin round. If you get five or more Bonus symbols during that round, you’ll get two more spins!

Watch Das xBoot Gameplay

13Starburst XXXtreme

Players of NetEnt’s Starburst XX will be thrilled with the release of an updated version in 2021. Like its predecessor, Starburst XXXtreme allows players to explore a brand-new galaxy and stack up generous rewards as they land colorful gems. One difference is that players can now add up to 200,000x their bet to their bankrolls.

Starburst XXXtreme is a slot machine by NetEnt that has nine fixed paylines with three-of-a-kind symbols. The winning combinations can be large, granting generous payouts. Special Wilds, re-spins and the option to instantly trigger XXXtreme spins can quickly become your favorite part of this game.

Starburst XXXtreme offers a $0.20/€0.25 minimum wager, and a maximum of $100. It also has the ability to trigger instant spins, so there is an extra risk to take if you choose this feature. If you do spend all your money on spins and don’t have enough left over, you can risk losing 10 times your bet or 95 times your bet during one spin (making the max amount you can spend in a single spin $9,500).

The symbols in this game are the same as in the original Starburst game. The highest-paying symbol is the yellow diamond, which pays 6x your initial bet when it appears five times on a payline. The lowest-paying symbol is a purple rhombus-shaped gem, which pays 3x your total stake for a five-of-a-kind line.

The highest-paying symbols are the BAR icon and a red 7, which typically appears in classic fruit slots. The BAR will pay 50x the bet amount per spin when five of them appear on a payline, while matching five 7s will grant 20x the total bet amount.

The Starburst Wild can appear on any of the three middle reels and will expand to cover all of them during a re-spin. It has a random multiplier that can reach 150x. If multiple multipliers are applied during spins and re-spins, their cumulative value will be applied to line wins from the respective spins and re-spins.

The Wild can also drop a random Wild after any spin. The number of wilds offers a chance to win big, but only if you’re willing to pay for it. Wagering 10x your original bet will guarantee one Starburst Wild per spin while 95x total bet will unlock two Starburst Wilds per spin. These extra costly spins are active until players decide to switch them off and return to the regular mode of the slot.

Starburst XXXtreme is a variation of the original Starburst game, but it adds in real money bets and potentially rewarding high stakes.

Watch Starburst XXXtreme Gameplay

14Dead or Alive 2

Following the success of Dead or Alive, NetEnt released a new Western-themed video slot featuring improved graphics and sound effects. The game’s setting–a new town in which players chase criminals on the local Wanted list–makes for a captivating video experience.

Dead or Alive 2 features a number of improvements, including some advanced bonus features that make spinning extra rewarding. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the bonus feature of the game and choose between different variations of free spins, you’ll have the chance to choose from three options: consecutive spins, double spins and triple spins.

You can adjust the bet per spin to be as low as $0.09, allowing you to bet a single coin per line. You can increase the bet level by wagering two coins per line, making the max bet per spin up to $9. While this may not seem very high compared to many other slots out there, Dead or Alive 2 may be highly volatile in the long run and cause generous payouts thanks to its high RTP (return on tilt percentage). This could often rank it as a proper title to play for real money.

You can play Dead or Alive 2, a slot machine that features nine paylines and is packed with symbols such as 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As. The combinations of three or more identical symbols pay out slightly less than 3x your bet per line amount if you land five.

If you see three or more whiskey bottles, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, sheriff guns, or sheriff badges when betting on Dead or Alive 2, you’ll receive 1,000x your bet per line. Five criminals will substitute for regular symbols and pay out 1,500x the line bet when matched five times.

In Dead or Alive 2, you can win a special payout when two or more Scatters land anywhere on the reels. Three or more Scatters also trigger free spins. However, if you get three Scatters in a row on the free spin triggers, then you’ll have a chance to choose from three variants of free spins: 12 free spins with a higher multiplier than normal, 24 free spins with a lower multiplier than normal, or 48 free spins with no multiplier at all.

If you opt for free spins of Old Saloon, you’ll multiply the winnings from the feature by two. The Wilds during this feature are sticky; they stay in their positions until the free spins end. If one or more Sticky Wilds appear on each reel, you’ll enjoy five additional free spins. The next option is High Noon Saloon; it will transform any two Wilds on the same reel into Double Multiplier Wilds. If three Wilds hit the same reel, they’ll turn into Triple Multiplier Wilds. Substituting Wild symbols that appear during this feature are also sticky and can be used to multiply your wins by up to five times during this round.

Train Heist is the last version of free spins. The win multiplier meter is placed above the reels and increases as Wilds appear on the reels. Any time a Wild lands anywhere on the reels, you get a free spin and an additional five if the multiplier goes all the way up to 16x.

You can instantly trigger one of the Free Spins features by using a bonus game. The cost of this extra type of wager is 600x your bet per line amount. However, you should be aware that it could be risky to employ this strategy, as it may not always be successful.

Watch Dead or Alive 2 gameplay here.

15Legacy of the Tiger

Playtech has an extensive range of real money slots that cater for all tastes. If you are looking for a game with a bit of mystery and a lot of thrills, we recommend Legacy of the Tiger.

This Playtech slot machine features a jungle background and four fixed jackpots. The payouts from five reels, three rows, and 50 fixed lines range from 1x to 10x the total bet.

Legacy of the Tiger is a high-volatility slot where you can wager up to $450 per single spin, but your bet can also go higher. The minimum bet is $0.10 but you can set it higher. Once unlocked, the bonus games of Legacy of the Tiger have the potential to be extra generous.

Legacy of the Tiger has 50 fixed paylines, with each paying out when you land three or more identical symbols. The lower-paying symbols include playing card ranks from 10 and up; payouts increase when these cards are matched five times in a row. The best payout is 80x your bet per line when K and A are matched five times.

As you’re playing in the jungle, we think it’s appropriate to have its inhabitants as your high-paying symbols. When a toucan, crocodile or piton matches five times on a payline, your single-line bet will be multiplied by 100x; when an orangutan does this, your bet gets 150x bigger.

The tiger is the main character of the slot, the Wild can substitute for any other regular symbol of the game, and when it is matched five times it pays out a generous 150x your line bet.

The Wild can be a very powerful symbol, but it’s not the only thing that matters when playing the Wild Moon Scatter. The Scatter has a special function as three or more of these special symbols on the reels will trigger the free spins feature of Legacy of the Tiger. The bonus feature starts with eight free spins, with each free spin revealing only Wilds and Moon symbols.

When six or more Moon symbols land on the reels, the Mega Fire Blaze Respin feature will trigger. This feature causes three re-spins of the symbols to take place, with every new symbol on screen increasing the number of re-spins that will be launched. Additional lines will appear after two key Moon symbols appear on screen.

The Mega Fire Blaze Respin feature in Legacy of the Tiger can award generous cash prizes, with star symbols also being able to grant one of four fixed jackpot prizes. If luck is on your side, this game has the potential to become your new favorite real money slot title!

Watch the Legacy of the Tiger gameplay trailer.

Slots FAQ

Tips on How to Play Online Slots for Real Money

Online slots are exactly like land-based casino games except that they’re played on a computer instead of a physical machine. You can play them for real money, just like in a land-based casino. The only difference is that instead of playing against a live dealer or another person sitting at a table, you play against the house–the computer program that tracks your bets and payouts and generates random numbers for the outcome of each round. To play for real money, you simply need to register with an online casino, make a deposit or receive a no-deposit bonus that can be used for real-money play.

What Payment Methods Are Available at Online Casinos?

Most online casinos accept multiple payment methods for depositing and withdrawing. Credit cards, instant banking transfers, and digital wallets are common ways to make a deposit. Wire transfers and cheques can also be used but they take longer to process. Note that most casinos will process your withdrawal request after a pending time of at least 24 hours and will automatically transfer your winnings via the payment method you have used for your deposit.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Online casinos that are licensed to operate in the United States have secure servers and will store all of your information on these servers. The operators of these casinos will not share your personal or banking data with third parties. Secure communications are made possible by employing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocols that ensure secure communication over the Internet.

How Do Bonuses Work?

Welcome bonuses can be an effective way to entice new players to a casino. The terms and conditions of each bonus should be examined before making a deposit, as some have high wagering requirements that may be difficult for players to meet. Some welcome bonuses also include free spins or bonuses on selected slot games.


Big Hit

The jackpot phase refers to the moment when a slot machine pays out a large prize.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are activated when a player lands a specific symbol combination during gameplay. They can result in free spins, increased payout and bonus rounds.

Coin Size

With online slots, you can choose the amount of bet per spin. You can place bets ranging from $0.01 up to $5, with a different number of coins. If you choose a $5 denomination, you will bet $50 per single line.

Flat-Top Slots

These are also known as straight-up slots, because they offer constant payouts. Unlike progressive jackpots, which increase based on the number of players who stake money on them, flat-top games rely solely on fixed jackpots.

Max Bet

In most slot games, the maximum bet is the same as the maximum payout. If you want to play for the maximum payout and win big, you must make a max bet.

Pay Lines

Pay lines are the slots on a slot machine that pay out symbols when they land after the spin. The number of pay lines varies by game; some video slots have dozens, while others only have one or two. One way to win is by forming combinations from left to right, but there are many online slot machines that have two-way payouts–in which you can make winning combinations in both directions.


The payouts for hitting a winning combination from a slot machine.

Payout Percentage

The return percentage is the amount of money you’ll get back for every dollar you wager on a game. It’s also known as the return to player (RTP). Theoretically, if a slot machine has an RTP of 96%, you may be able to make back what you put in after thousands or even millions of plays. The other 4% is the casino’s take or house edge.

Progressive Jackpot

Punters in a progressive game do not always win. Instead, the jackpots rise and rise until an actual winner is chosen. The jackpot can become so large that millions of punters are contributing to it at once, and when someone hits the jackpot, they receive all of it. In terms of pure monetary expression, progressive winnings are essentially like lotteries.

Random Number Generator

This is a computer program that makes random numbers and determines whether the spin will win or lose. Even when the game is not being played at, this program generates random numbers and mixes them with the symbols on the reels.


The reels in a slot machine are the wheels you see spinning. The old slot machines had three mechanical reels, but today all casino slots are electronic and don’t have physical reels at all. However, they still spin the same way they did before–just an image of what is already determined by the random number generator software.


When you spin the reels in an online slot machine, the graphics that show up are called symbols. The symbols can be fruits, sevens, or cash symbols but they can also be anything as long as they stay within the theme of the game – Greek gods, animals, treasure pieces, etc.


Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols on a video slot machine. They can replace any other symbol except for scatter and wild symbols.

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I’m looking for online slots that offer great payouts for my real-money bets.

There are many factors that make a slot game good for your bankroll. You can check out our review whenever you need to know how the basics of slots work and which games have the highest potential long-term returns. We’ve provided reviews of games with the highest potential long-term returns, but you can also do your own research by browsing the internet about the best-paying slots you can find at online casinos. If you decide to do that, make sure that you have also found a trustworthy virtual casino that offers high RTP rates (i.e., Return To Player) for high-paying slots and is not taking advantage of players who play high-paying slots with reduced RTPs.

Do slots with more bonus features pay more than slots with fewer or no bonuses?

It is difficult to say which slot variation pays more as the average return of a slot depends on multiple factors, including bonus features. However, we can conclude that slots with bonus features also have higher volatility. Meanwhile, the less frequent bonus features are triggered, the bigger the potential payout. If a bonus feature can be triggered every 50 to 100 spins of a slot, it will most likely pay less than a slot which will have you go through significantly more spins to unlock it. Some slots offer a Bonus-Buy feature which allows players instant access to bonus winnings without having to trigger it manually; this type of feature often isn’t worth it because its payout isn’t as high as it seems at first glance (deservedly so).

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