Credit and Debit Card Casinos

In today’s society, bank cards have become a popular method of payment. They can be used at nearly every store that we can visit, as well as on the Internet where they are the primary way to pay. The best part about them is that they offer convenience for consumers by allowing for easy and convenient deposits and withdrawals. Credit and debit cards have been a valid option when moving money between your bank account and online casino balance. It is a preferred deposit method for many gamblers around the world, as it allows for easy and convenient deposits and withdrawals. In this article, we will go over all of the aspects surrounding using a bank card for gambling purposes.

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Credit/Debit Card Registration Process

A player can win a life-changing prize with an online casino, but first they need money to fund their account. There are many different ways to fund an online casino account, including prepaid cards and bank wire transfers.

Credit and debit cards have been used throughout the online gambling industry since its inception. Below, we list several important aspects of this process.

  1. The most popular brands among online casino operators are VISA, Mastercard and American Express. These brands issue credit and debit cards, gift cards and prepaid cards. The fastest way to check their availability is by navigating to the cashier section of the online operator and looking through the supported processors.
  2. The next thing casino players might want to know is how to replenish their account balance by using a credit or debit card from the above-mentioned brands. It’s pretty straightforward, just like any other online purchase. They should navigate to the cashier section of their online casino of choice and then click on “Make a Deposit.”
  3. When you select the credit/debit card funding option, you will be prompted to enter your card number and other important details.
  4. After players have filled in their name and address, they can choose how much money to deposit.
  5. As you play casino games, your funds should be transferred instantly to your casino balance. You can check this using our handy tool.

Card Registration Process FAQ

How to get a debit card?

Customers who have a checking account at a bank, credit union or other financial institution can use their debit card to make secure and hassle-free transfers. However, if you are new to banking and need to request a debit card on your own, contact the customer service department of your bank or credit union.

How to get a credit card?

Getting a credit card for online gambling and other online purchases is easier than you might think. First, you should check your credit scores. If you do not have such a history, there are cards designed specifically for people with no credit history. Secondly, you will want to set priorities: If you plan to pay off your balance each month, then rewards are not as important to you and a rewards system may not be worth while. You should look through all the different credit cards currently being offered and choose the best deal for you. Finally, the application process can be done online–as long as your personal information is provided so that your application can be processed.

Are credit cards safe to use?

Online casino players can feel more secure about using their credit cards when depositing money to an online casino. Credit card information is encrypted and can’t be seen by third parties. Two-factor Authentication is a great way to ensure your transactions are secure.

What are the main differences between a debit card and a credit card?

Debit and credit cards are both convenient banking methods for topping up casino accounts. If a player chooses to use his or her debit card, the purchases will show up on his or her checking account. However, debit cards charge interest on purchases, which means that players need to pay off the outstanding balance each month. With credit cards, players can benefit from reward programs offered by the casinos that they visit; these rewards only apply if they pay off their balance in full each month. Finally, players should keep in mind that certain gambling jurisdictions such as Great Britain have banned credit card use for gambling-related purposes in an attempt to curb the negative effects of problem gambling and overspending.

How long does it take to get a credit card and how to choose the most suitable one?

Applying for a credit card might take up to 10 working days, once a credit card application has been filed. Replacing a lost or stolen card typically takes between 3 and 7 working days.

Credit-card users can choose a card depending on what suits them best. They consider factors such as annual fees, whether there is a rewards program, the type of intro period and whether there are any offers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to making credit and debit card payments, there are several advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a rundown of both:

Debit cards are a convenient way to make instant transactions. The main advantage of a debit card is that you cannot spend more than you have in your bank account. This way, problem gamblers can keep their addiction in check by only using funds for their debit card purchases and not overspending on other things. They are rechargeable like prepaid tickets, but they behave more like prepaid vouchers than preloaded credit cards.

While debit cards are convenient for many people, they have their disadvantages. For example, you can only deposit money into your account and you cannot borrow some from your bank. This could be frustrating if you do not have enough money to make the minimum deposit or qualify for a bonus.

Credit cards are a different type of debit card. With a credit card, the bank extends credit to you, which you pay back at some time in the future. That’s because credit cards are loans–loans that you have to repay later on. There are advantages and disadvantages to this practice.

Credit cards are an easy and popular way to pay for things because they allow you to build up credit. You can use them at stores, restaurants and even ATMs without having to worry about not having enough money in your account. Also, since every purchase and payment is documented on your bank statement, you can easily keep track of what you are spending money on.

Credit cards can be a convenient way of paying for items, but they also come with drawbacks. Since the money you spend is not yours and you are expected to pay it back, there is always a risk that you will end up in debt. If you do not pay off your credit card balance each month or make regular payments, interest charges can add up fast. Rollover debt is a serious problem today because it adds up quickly with each rollover. The reason why it is so bad is that with each new rollover, the already incurred debt increases by interest and becomes ever larger over time.

In addition to the possibility of going overdrawn, there is also the possibility of going into an overdraft. This occurs when you receive more credit than you were originally assigned. The result is more fees and a poor experience overall. It’s also worth keeping in mind that not everyone qualifies for a credit card. Banks do an overview of your credit history before approving you for one, and if they decide that your record isn’t good enough then they won’t approve you either.

A common misconception is that credit card companies do not like online casinos. They have taken a more stringent stance by disallowing the withdrawal of winnings to cards issued by them, and deposits are still possible but receiving your winnings is not. MasterCard holders are forced to utilize another service if they ever want to cash in their money.

Some people may be reluctant to give their card information to someone they do not know. However, whenever you make a payment with the card directly you are required to enter the full details of your credit or debit card.

Credit cards are accepted at many online casinos, but not all cards are equal. Visa and MasterCard are the only two accepted cards in most cases. American Express and Discover can be used on a case-by-case basis, but JCB cannot be used at online casinos. Casinos that accept American Express or Discover will almost never accept JCB. Visa and MasterCard remain your best options even if you cannot withdraw from your card to an offshore account.

Using Credit and Debit Cards for Gambling Deposits

The online casino offers a cashier page, where you can deposit money. You will see a list of all the accepted bank cards, and can select one from it. After you confirm your card information, the money will be taken from your account and added to your casino balance.

Fees for Gambling Transactions

When depositing money at an online casino, you will usually be charged a transaction fee by the bank card service. The casino itself pays this fee, which is usually 2.5% to 5%. This is done on both deposits and withdrawals and it makes players more considerate about how much they are willing to withdraw and deposit each time.

When you use a credit card to deposit money at an online casino, you may be charged a service charge. While this might not seem like a big deal at first, it can be painful when you are trying to make cash quickly. Other payment methods are often more consumer friendly with respect to fees and commissions.

Processing Times (for Gaming Transactions)

The movement of money to and from an online casino usually takes time. The vast majority of online payment services used to deposit money an online casino usually allow the user to have immediate access to their money so that they can start playing at once. This means that as soon as the transaction is made the player can start a game. However, this is only the case when deposits are concerned. When the user wants to withdraw their winnings, they will have to wait between 1 to 5 business days for the transaction to clear. This is because the money is put on hold and information needs to be exchanged between all relevant parties. Such is the case when making any card transaction, regardless of where it is. At this point, some people may put forward the question ‘Why is it that the casino can take my money instantly, but when I withdraw it, I have to wait?’. This is a valid question that may raise concerns among some groups. The reality of the situation is that the casinos do not receive your money immediately. They are subject to the same wait times as the player is. However, instead of inconveniencing the user by forcing them to wait for the transaction to clear, the casinos simply allow them to play with that balance.

Keep in mind that casinos review each withdrawal request before they send the transactions. This pending process usually takes 48 hours and only after the review is done will you receive your payment.

Mobile Payments

If you’re looking to play your favorite casino games on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll find that there’s no difference between playing on the mobile version of an online casino and using the desktop version. All of the casino’s payment options are available on both platforms: credit cards, PayPal and cash deposits. You simply enter your card information when you make a deposit or withdraw money from your account. The processing time for deposits is instant–just like it is with conventional online casinos–and it takes 1-5 business days for withdrawals.

Security at Online Casinos

When we spend money online it is only natural to think about the security of our personal information. This includes names, addresses, date of birth, emails, payment information, etc. Identity and credit card theft is a real issue currently and it is completely reasonable to worry about how accessible that sensitive information actually is. To alleviate those concerns online casinos implement cutting edge security systems to safeguard all of your personal data. Using state-of-the-art encryption technology all personal and banking information is encoded in such a way to make it unreadable in the event that any data is stolen. Even the most simple 64-bit encryption requires four to five years to be broken and that technology is considered obsolete by today’s standards. Most online websites use 128-bit or 256-bit encryptions, which require centuries to be decrypted using brute force with today’s technology. To put it in plain terms, your information is completely safe and in the event that any data is stolen it will be utterly unreadable.

If you are concerned about a particular online casino abusing your personal information, you should put your mind at ease. All countries have laws that protect personal data, and those laws are enforced by government agencies. You can rest assured that your personal information will be safe with these agencies protecting it from misuse. Of course, you should not completely rely on this fact and you should do your due diligence before choosing an online casino; ideally, you are looking for a reputable casino with a good track record.

Play Casino Games with Credit/Debit Cards

As we mentioned before, the largest group of players who deposit money into online casinos uses credit or debit cards. To ensure that all games are available to players of all kinds, online gambling establishments join forces with top software developing companies. Regardless of whether card depositors prefer slots or table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker, they will find plenty to choose from in casinos that offer top-notch customer service.

Credit/Debit Card Alternatives

Despite the rapid growth of online casinos, credit and debit cards remain popular methods for players to move funds from their accounts. However, some users might prefer not to reveal their personal and banking information, in which case they may opt for prepaid cards, various e-wallet solutions or cryptocurrencies. As part of our list of five alternatives to credit and debit cards, we have also included bank transfers.

Slots with Credit/Debit Cards

Card players enjoy a wide range of slots, with basic three-reel layouts or more advanced five- and six-reel setups. RTPs vary depending on the game–some have high payouts while others have low ones. There are also bonus rounds and other features that can make a game more appealing to players. Minimum and maximum bet limits accommodate all different types of players. Leading software developers are creating some spectacular 3D games that players can enjoy along with enthralling sound effects for an immersive gaming experience.

Fortune Rewind

Play’n GO’s newest slot, Fortune Rewind, is a time-traveling adventure with 20 ways to win. The action takes place on a 5×3 grid, delivering a total of 20 different ways to win. With an RTP of 96.27%, this slot allows minimum wagers of $0.10 per spin. Between this and the maximum of $25 per spin, there are plenty of options for players at all levels. Dr. Tempis is the protagonist here who can time travel with the click of a button during Free Spins round by clicking left or right on his name on the toolbar above the reels.

Pirate Golden Age

Pirate Golden Age invites players to set sail with pirates and parrots in this award-winning slot machine. The action unfolds on 5 reels, with 3 rows and 20 paylines; a RTP of 96.49% and a maximum win cap of 3,000x the wager amount ensures great winning potential. There are 13 symbols: Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and Bombs bring the lowest payouts; Anchors and Parrots are worth more; Crew members have an average return of 30x your bet.

Ways you can get the Genie Thundershots

Playtech’s Ways of the Genie Thundershots is another captivating slot, with an RTP of 95.48%. This game features 20 ways for players to win, including wilds and free spins. If you land 3 lamp symbols on a single payline during the base game, the free spins round begins. There are even multiple bonus rounds that can be activated by landing certain combinations on reels 2 and 3; these bonus rounds increase the number of ways to win from 64 to 117,649.

Play Live Dealer Games with Credit or Debit Cards.

Live dealer games are an effective way to experience the feeling of casino gaming at home. Live dealers offer players a friendly and highly-professional environment where they can interact with live dealers from their living room couches. These online casinos also offer streaming content from special studios where real-time games take place 24/7. Live dealer games provide players with authentic casino experiences plus some advantageous opportunities to land impressive prizes.

Roulette Azure

With its live dealer portfolio and a 97.30% RTP, Roulette Azure is a great choice for casual players and high-rollers alike. The game features four 4K cameras and close-ups of landings, along with Autoplay and game statistics. Live chat is an added bonus that allows players to interact with fellow players and the live dealer. Bets range from $10 to $2,000.

Blackjack Azure

Pragmatic Play is a live dealer casino game that will help you test your luck. It’s based on Blackjack Azure, a popular table game with an optimal theoretical RTP of 99.59%. The game offers a real-life adventure and 4K cameras to capture your every move; standard options include hit, stand, split and double down. You can also bet on perfect pairs or 21+3 side wagers which can make for more interesting gameplay. The “Bet Behind” feature allows you to decide whether to bet on or against another player’s hands; “Early Decisions” lets you see how other players have decided on their hands before making a decision yourself.

Grand Baccarat NC

PlayTech’s Grand Baccarat is a dazzling live dealer game that features richly decorated players and dealers. Players can opt for two side wagers–Banker Pair and Dealer Pair–each giving you a payout of 11:1. Banker Pair pays out 5:1, while Perfect Pair gives you 25:1 payouts. Egalite allows players to wager on specific ties, win up to 150:1, or even bet on specific cards in a hand and win 10 times that amount! The statistics screen is conveniently located at the bottom of the screen and displays your personal record, as well as your current bet and all other information relevant to playing this game.

Blackjack with Credit/Debit Cards

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games due to its simple rules and low house edge. There are many interpretations of Blackjack, such as splitting pairs or getting closer to 21 than the dealer. The leading software companies have developed many variations of Blackjack that provide players with much-needed versatility and flexibility.

American Blackjack Turbo

American Blackjack Turbo is a blackjack game with a fast-paced action and lots of fun. Players get to choose between three betting modes–Standard, High, and VIP. Each mode has its own features, so it’s easy to find the game that fits your playing style best!

Blackjack Lucky Sevens

Evoplay’s Blackjack Lucky Sevens offers a fun twist to the usual rules of this classic casino game. Players have four options when they begin the game: adjust their bets, pick which hands they want to include in the bet, and choose how many active hands they will keep active at any time (up to three active hands are allowed). Traditionally, players should collect a hand value that is as close to 21 as possible without busting; however, in Evoplay’s Blackjack Lucky Sevens variation there is an extra feature called the Lucky Sevens Bonus that allows gamblers to enjoy payouts of 1.5x the initial wager if they win three cards with a value of 7 or higher during play.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is a blackjack variation that makes use of the classic rules of the game, plus an optional side bet. Players wager $1 on their first two cards and choose from three possible payout amounts: 25:1 for a Perfect Pair, 12:1 for a Coloured Pair, or 5:1 for a Non-colored Pair.

Roulette with Credit/Debit Cards

Roulette is a popular casino game that offers players a variety of wagers, from straight-up bets to line bets, corner bets and street bets. Players place their bets on the numbers appearing on the spinning wheel, which determines whether they win or lose. The house edge for single-zero roulette is 2.7%, while double-zero roulette has a 5.3% house edge. French Roulette – played on a standard European wheel – has a 1.35% house edge. Predicting how many numbers you will land on is all that it takes to win big at roulette!

Dynamic Paytable European Roulette

Dynamically changing odds are offered by Dynamic Paytable Roulette, a new game from EGT Interactive. The European roulette wheel is the basis for this game, which preserves the classic rules of the classic game. Players can expect payouts of up to 120x their wager with every single spin, based on a random multiplier that has been integrated into the game. Besides re-bets, double bets, and re-doubles, players have access to betting history and detailed statistics. The game is available both for desktop and mobile players.

Lucky Roulette

Belatra Games has developed an attractive online roulette game called Lucky Roulette. The game is similar to other roulette games, but it uses a single zero on the European wheel and offers an RTP of 97.30%. Bets range from $1 and $500. The main difference between Lucky Roulette and other roulette games is that players can win 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 bets with the lucky numbers that appear on their screen!

Zoom Roulette

Zoom Roulette is a Betsoft gaming creation in which players wager on the European roulette wheel. It has several unique characteristics that work in the player’s favor. The game has crisp graphics and a sleek look that make it attractive to look at. Besides straight-up bets, there are several other side bets such as Zero and Orphelins bets. Traditionally, the highest payout for straight-up wagers is 35:1, but the payout for red/black, even/odd, low/high numbers is 1:1.

Credit and Debit Card FAQs

Can the casino keep my information secure?

Casinos usually use SSL – Secure Layer Socket – protocols to encrypt all information sent between you and the casino. This includes your banking information and personal data. Even if someone managed to break into the casino’s systems, it would be almost impossible for them to read anything you sent them.

Why did my transaction get declined?

The most likely reason for your problem is insufficient funds or an exceeded credit limit. Another possibility is that you have entered your card information incorrectly. You must enter the card information exactly as it appears on the card itself. The last possibility is that your card issuer has banned transactions to and from online casinos. This is unlikely but not unheard of, so check with them before you do anything else.

Will I be charged for the transaction?

Casinos are different. Some of them charge you for transactions, while others don’t. Some banks may charge you to deposit money into an online casino, but those are rare occurrences.

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is an extra security feature to Visa cards. You can use this extra security option to make payments at online casinos that support it. When you enter your password before making a payment, Verified by Visa prevents anyone else from using your bank card to make transactions without knowing it.

What is MasterCard SecureCode?

Like Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode provides extra security for your bank card. If you don’t want a third party to misuse your funds, then disclose your bank information no more than necessary! With MasterCard SecureCode, you know you’re protected.

Can an online casino refuse to pay me my winnings?

If you win at an online casino and it refuses to pay you, it must be able to prove that you were involved in illegal activities related to playing at the casino. For example, if you open a new credit card account with a MasterCard and use that credit card at an online casino, MasterCard will not allow you to withdraw winnings to that credit card. This is something that online casinos cannot go around and must comply with.

Can I chargeback my card if there is fraudulent activity?

If someone uses your credit card to deposit money to an online casino without your consent, there are laws that can protect you from losing money. If the bank finds out that the person misused your card, the bank will most likely return your funds. However, some online casinos will refuse to take payments from anyone suspected of engaging in chargeback fraud–even after their accounts have been terminated for this reason.

My bank does not allow me to make payments to online casinos. What can I do about that?

When a bank refuses to make a payment for you, there are few options available. You could try using another payment service or try to deposit the funds with a different bank, but these solutions are not always viable. If the bank itself refuses to make the payment, then you will have to find another way to deposit your money.

Ask a question and get an answer.

If you have a question about this topic, let us know. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Find out what people have been wondering about.

Will I qualify for a casino deposit bonus if I use a credit or debit card to make the required deposit?

It depends on the terms and conditions of the online casino. If a promotional offer excludes some deposit options, you may still be able to use those methods to redeem a bonus offer. That said, always read the terms and conditions of each online casino before making a deposit to ensure that you’re not doing anything that could void your winnings or cause any other problems with your account. Most sites will accept either credit or debit cards for deposits, but some brands do have restrictions against using these payment methods for promotional offers. UK players are not allowed to use credit cards for payment when playing at an online casino licensed in UK; therefore this option does not apply for those who play from Great Britain.

If the online casino accepts payments via Visa and Mastercard-branded cards, can I use my credit/debit card issued by a third-party financial company?

Yes. Credit/debit cards are often used by online casinos and other businesses that offer online payment solutions. These companies issue special cards that can be used at any online casino that accepts deposits and withdrawals via Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards. The whole payment process is the same as you will still be asked to provide your card details. That said, such companies add an extra layer to your online transactions as you do not expose the details of your actual credit/debit card that is linked to your bank account. That way, you can make your online casino card payments more secure and very convenient.

What happens if my casino deposit did not go through?

If you have tried to make a deposit and your credit card has reached its monthly limit, your payment does not go through, or you are charged an additional fee by your bank for making this transaction, please contact us so that we can help resolve the issue.

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